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   (56) 22790 32 00 - (56) 22639 33 20


   San Francisco Nº 415, Santiago Centro



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Update day

   15 November 2017

  Dear Client:

We are proud to offer you our one room departments totally equiped for rent, with unbeatable cheap prices.

We have 55 departments distributed in a five-story building.

Each department has a private bathroom, kitchenette, TV, phone, etc.

Also we are open 24 hours per day everyday, we have vehicle parking.

Departments are rented starting from a day, and we have differenciated fares for weeks or months.

For your comfort we even have a modern gymnasium with exercise machines and baby-football covered fields.

For groups we can quote on case to case basis. Take a look, we are in San Francisco Nº 415 street corner with Cóndor street, one block away Santa Isabel Avenue and four blocks away Alameda, near metro station Universidad de Chile.

Give us a call or make your reservation to phones (56) 22790 32 00, (56) 22639 33 20, or to our e-mail apartfco@gmail.com


The Administrators

  Fares ( V.A.T. included )
Rooms Day
Simple Single 22.000CLP
Double 25.000CLP
Intermediate Single 25.000CLP
Double 30.000CLP
Big Double 30.000CLP
Triple 35.000CLP
Quadruple 40.000CLP

Note :

Prices do not include room service or laundry service, nor parking.

Room Service : 10.000CLP per day

Laundry Service : 5.000CLP

Parking ( 24 Hrs ) : 10.000CLP

Parking ( Day ) : 5.000CLP

Parking ( Night ) : 5.000CLP

(Light trucks only night)

Cable TV service : Available free of charge

Wi-Fi service : Available free of charge

Telephone service : Not available